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The founder's, Schubert Tam (a.k.a. Nanjin), story began over 50 years ago as a dedicated fan to Star Trek's The Original Series following Captain Kirk and Spock's journey through identity, friendship, philosophy, acceptance, during his teenage years, and further inspired by the attitudes from other characters such as Captain Picard’s leadership, and Chakotay’s sense of duty, and which shaped his work attitude in his career building years.  Nanjin, like others in the decade, grew with the fans following Star Trek.

Star Trek Collectibles Story

In 2010, 1/6 scales figures began to gain momentum in pop merchandise because of its realistic figure approach.  But no existing companies would pick up the Trek license, Nanjin began developing 1:6 realistic Star Trek action figures as a hobby.  As time went by, he noticed the realism of these 1/6 Star Trek figures could actually remind him of who he wanted to be when he was young.  He fell deeply in love with developing these treasurable Star Trek character memorabilia.  Anticipating the need for his talent for Star Trek's 50th anniversary in 2016, he resigned from his 20 years career and dedicated his life time work experience and all available established network to create a secure and reliable production supply chain, and used his Star Trek geek knowledge in development hoping to bring the joy that he had with as many fellow Trek fans as possible. Since then, Nanjin's 1:6 scale Star Trek received exceptional acceptance among the collectors. 


Star Trek Collectibles Story

With all the new Treks in the air, and the events of 2020, Nanjin strongly believed only he can go deep and diverse with all 1/6 Trek series and create a line of 1/6 Star Trek figures that can consider as museum grade Star Trek Characters in 1/6 scale.  He decided to obtain the Star Trek 1/6 license himself.

After numerous and difficult efforts, he obtained the Official World Wide 1:6 scale All Star Trek collectibles license for himself and creating EXO-6 /ˈeksəʊ -sɪks/. EXO-6 captures the soul of the Star Trek character, but also the actor embodiments.  

But most importantly, EXO-6 is dedicated to producing the most accurate representation of Star Trek characters in 1:6 scale format. Developed by a true Star Trek geek, each character is inspected with expert Star Fleet precision. EXO-6 works with industry leading artisan sculptors to capture iconic likeness of each produced Star Trek character. EXO-6 is its own manufacturing establishment that was built from the ground up to only produce 1:6 scale Star Trek figures. Collectors can be involved more closely with the creation of the beloved Star Trek characters and trust that each EXO-6 character is examined to the highest degree of accuracy

Star Trek Collectibles Story

More than 60% of EXO-6 productions will be done in-house. EXO-6 has direct control of all other sub-contract manufacturing.  Minimizing 3rd party involvements, EXO-6 can pass along the savings from unnecessary expenditures to the collectors. Collectors can be involved more closely with the creation and embodiment of the beloved Star Trek characters. ALL Official Star Trek 1:6 scale worldwide license, in-house development, direct control of subcontract manufacturing, in-house production, are functioning together like a Defiant-Class Starship. 

In addition to hiring talented creatives, EXO-6's collectibles are officially licensed by ViacomCBS for accuracy. Some of our selected characters are verified by the actors themselves for an incredible reflection of reality and fantasy. 

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Star Trek EXO-6 top in class hyper-realistic action figures can be yours
soon. Made with top artisan sculptors, each character represents both the soul and the
actor's embodiment of the character. 


At EXO-6, we are the sole manufacturer and producer for our products. Your search for
accurate and realistic collectibles will lead you back to us. Our workers treat each and every
release with the utmost care.

Highly Skilled Artisans

Our scale models are created by the top artisans in the industry. Each model is sculpted to
perfection one by one. All the collectibles are approved by ViacomCBS and evaluated by
the actors for authenticity.

Impeccable Quality

Each and every collectible is assembled with care and checked for quality at every stage.