Our warehouse will not be operating from Jan 10 to Feb 3rd 2023. We wouldn't be able to ship orders during this time.

Estimated Time of Production

The followings are our current Estimated Time of Delivery dates correspond to our Production Timeline chart.  They do not reflect the actual progress or dates of Pre-Sales, Productions, and Deliveries.  They are for reference only.

 Series Character/Item Pre-Order Final Payment/Delivery
TNG Locutus Sept 2022 Mar 2023
First Contact Com Chair Mar 2022 Feb 2023
VOY Seven of Nine May 2022 Feb 2023


Chakotay Oct 2022 March 2023
ENT Capt Archer Aug 2022 Feb 2023
ENT Shran Nov 2022 March 2023


Dec 2022 April 2023


Updated: Jan 2, 2023