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EXO-01-002 FC Data Instructions

As a measure to reduce carbon footprint, we've video recorded and transcribed a digital instruction for handling the 1/6 Lieutenant Commander Data. Watch the video or read more below.

Lieutenant Commander Data ⅙ Collectible Instructions


Hello from EXO-6. This is Marketing Commander Charmaine speaking. In this video, we will teach how to engage with our museum grade ⅙ replica collectible of Lieutenant Commander Data as depicted in Star Trek: First Contact. 


Commander Data is the first of three in our First Contact collection including a ⅙ Captain Picard articulated figure and the Borg Queen ⅙ statue (not articulated). We’ve provided these instructions to help you pose and display the figures. Remember to wash your hands before handling or wear gloves to keep Data in mint condition. Let’s get started!

Uniform Fitting

[scene 1]

If you wore your suit to sleep, you should probably iron it in the morning to get the wrinkles out. After traveling around the Earth with no Transporting Technology, Data needs a quick refresh. Let's get Data looking good for display.

[scene 2]

Starting from the back of Data’s right and left shoulder, press down continuously to the front side of his suit. Maintain pressure on your thumb where the collar meets.
[scene 3]
While holding the position with your left thumb, slide downward with the right thumb. As you make your way down to the waist with your right thumb, follow behind with your left thumb. The whole purpose is to pull the top of the jumpsuit down.

[scene 4]
Our museum figures are easy to pose with their heavier bottom. More information about the EXO-6 articulated body figure later (XX.XX) Time


Type 3b Phaser Rifle

Let’s take a look at Commander Data’s Type 3b Phaser Rifle

[scene 1]

We suggest putting the flexible hand option onto the rifle first then attaching it to the body. Gently pull back the fingers and slide the rifle into place with the finger on the trigger. The right hand attaches further up the rifle. 

[scene 2]

Attach the rifle to the body by removing the hand that is currently on the body by gently pulling away. Push the flexible hand with the rifle until it is secured.

[scene 3]

Adjust the body according to the different joint articulation to achieve desired body posture.


TR-590 Type X Tricorder and Holsters

Take the Tricorder out from the holster by pulling it out of the slot. The TR-590 Type X Tricorder flip is connected by magnets for both open and close positions.


Attaching the Tricorder

The phaser and holster magnetizes to the side of Data's jumpsuit. Even though Data was left-handed, he put his phaser on his left.


Type 2 Phaser and holster

If you do not push the Type 2 Phaser in, it will fall out. To secure, into position, push the phaser inward.


Attaching the Phaser

The Phaser attaches to the jump suit with magnets. Bring the Phaser close enough and it will magnetize. 



EXO-6's Unique Body

[scene 1]

The extra space between the arm and body will make room for fabrics to emulate natural hanging arms. Without this, the arms will flare outward almost like a body builder's arm. Their elbows would be farther from their body when their arms are in a hanging position.


[scene 2]

The arms and legs of EXO-6 bodies are in a narrower form than conversional arms. This will give more room and flexibility for outfits that have more than one layer of fabric.


[scene 3]

EXO-6 legs are made with solid weighted material. Using solid material for the legs will shift the figure’s center of gravity to the lower half of the body making the weight distribution 40/60. The EXO-6 figures are always heavier on the bottom to make posing and balancing the figures easy.


[scene 4]

To free stand the figure: adjust the needed posture to the upper body, then balance the figure by holding the shoes. With a bottom heavy weight distribution, free standing without support will be much easier. 


[scene 1]

To tilt Data’s head, gently push the head to look up and down. Gently twist the head to look side to side.


[scene 2]

EXO-6 heads protrude slightly forward when looking straight which may look different than what you’re used to. We believe when in a natural stance looking forward, the head will have a slight forward projection. 



[scene 1]

This is the body in a neutral straight shoulder position. 


[scene 2]

By raising the arm in a sideways movement to a “T” and returning to the arm the side of the body, you will see the shoulder joint of the manipulated arm (the left one) is slanted.


[scene 3]

To return the shoulder to a neutral position, push the arm upwards while in the hanging position.

[scene 4]

To rotate the shoulder forwards and backwards, gently pinch the shoulder at the bulb and twist your wrist back and forth.


[scene 5] 

To use the double jointed articulated elbow, bring the elbow up by the bottom joint and finish by folding the forearm up to the bicep. Fold the arm down and fully extend the arm by fixing the elbow straight.


[scene 6]

To rotate the upper arm and wrist, gently pinch and move back and forth.


Hips & Legs 

[scene 1]

To move the hips, twist the leg outwards as well as forwards and backwards. 

[scene 2]

 To bend the articulated knee joint, bring the foot towards the back of the figure. To return to position, extend the foot back down and straighten the knee joint.



Adjust the body to look natural with slight bend in the joints. This will take some practice and patience to get a natural stance.