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PIC S3 Captain Shaw

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Major Kira

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Wave One

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EXO-6 Star Trek collectibles are crafted with incredible accuracy.

Featuring classic and new favorite characters from the 50-year-old Star Trek Universe, EXO-6 blends fantasy with reality creating a 1:6 replica embodiment of the character and the actor. Engage the star trek collection of high detail and beauty in each piece. Discover the most convincing 1:6 ratio replicas Museum grade models of beloved characters.

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  • The Captains

  • Captains in their own unique uniforms.

The Captains

Captains in their own unique uniforms. View Now


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At EXO-6, we are the sole manufacturer and producer for our products. Your search for accurate and realistic collectibles will lead you back to us. Our workers treat each and every release with the utmost care.

Highly Skilled Artisan

Our scale models are created by top artisans in the industry. Each model is sculpted to perfection one by one. All the collectibles are approved by ViacomCBS and evaluated by
the actors for authenticity.

Impeccable Quality

All our products are assembled in house. Each collectible is assembled with care and checked six times for quality. EXO-6 was created by Trek fans and will continue to uphold the detail in the Star Trek Universe.